Posted on Jun 2, 2010

New webpage!

We’ve had a sort of relaunch this month, with a full live lineup and a whole batch of media on the way. Stay tuned! Revised biography:

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GirlFriday are an edgy electro pop band based in the UK. GirlFriday comprise of singer songwriter Blu, co-writer/producer Nick James Gordon, Drummer Nick Watson and Bass player Greg Ireson. Their songwriting encompass a curious mash of artists and genres, absorbing the best of the Eurythmics, Bjork, Skunk Anansie to name a few.

GirlFriday are releasing a collection of eps this year showcasing their diverse song writing style, the first e.p features the tracks ‘Musics all Over Me’, ‘Change’ and ‘If I Could See You Right Now’. To promote the release of the 2nd e.p GirlFriday filmed a music video for ‘Its Not Over’. Experienced live, GirlFriday collide the electronic elements born in the studio augmented with the punchy energy of a captivating stage performance. GirlFriday’s unique blend of ideas, sounds and styles are destined to make an positive impact on the UK music scene.

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