Posted on Dec 7, 2010

BBC television, Dublin Castle and new Hi-Hats!

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It’s been a fun month or so! We’ve played some really nice gigs in London and the Southwest. We’ve been working really hard for the last 4 weeks on our new Ep…or single (not quite sure yet!) We’ve been gigging the two new tracks ‘Wish List’ and ‘Fuelling The Fire’ and they certainly are attention grabbers, some fantastic feedback from old and new GF fans! Photoshoot and press pack at the ready for the big push for 2011…we’re all very excited!

So…what’s been going on in the GirlFriday camp?

Nick James Gordon has been non stop, editing videos, new tracks and generally being techy. Greg is loving his new career and a ‘bass player’ and is studying hard at bass tech! Blu has bleached her hair blonde! (not for the first time I may add) and Nick Watson finally got his dream hi-hats….easily pleased!

GirlFriday will be playing a little christmas tune LIVE on BBC TV for a Christmas special! More details soon…

Our next gig at the Dublin Castle is going to be EPIC!! Make sure you can come and bring everyone you know! See you on January 8th 2011 @ Dublin Castle – Camden, London.

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