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Posted on Oct 1, 2011

Up and coming…new toons!

Nick Gordon and Blu have been very busy knuckling down in the studio over the last couple of months. We’ve written some some killer tracks, probably our best so far! Cant wait to let you all hear what we’ve been up to. The sound is defined, the hooks are out of this world and the songwriting really gets our adrenalin pumping! Soooooo Ep3??

In the mean time Blu has been busy modelling and session singing … see photo below … and Nick has been very busy making extremely classy music videos! We like to stretch our talents! See you all in the near future :)

Posted on Jul 16, 2011

Opening doors and moving in the right direction…

GirlFriday have enjoyed a few gigs over the last couple of months. One of our favourites was a stripped back arrangement for the Exmouth Festival in June 2011.
What’s amazing about totally reducing the sound to a small amount of loops, backing, synths etc along with the glorious sounds of Nick James Gordon on acoustic guitar, means we can really get down to the raw songs. Nick and Blu have always put songwriting first. They are already writing together for other UK and US chart artists through their songwriting company e+N MUSIC PRODUCTION.

GirlFriday have been opening some classy doors recently with the aid of e+N Music Production and Blu’s fruitful journey into the world of session singing, modelling and acting. Keep up to date with what Blu’s up to CLICK HERE Nick James Gordon is also building up quite a comprehensive portfolio of stunning Music Videos CLICK HERE to see some of Nick’s work. Working with established and up and coming artists and bands.

The big news for GirlFriday is that writing is going really well. We are putting some fantastic new songs into our set and will be progressing through management once the final touches have been put into place.

Looking forward to the months ahead! Thanks for your support so far…keep it coming :)

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

The Quails and other bits…

How you’ve been GF peeps! Nick, Blu, Greg and Nick W have been practicing hard for this weekends gig at the Lemongrove, Exeter University. We’re supporting The Quails who are a great band from Teignmouth in Devon. They’ve been causing a bit of buzz in the industry after having a great couple of years rocking the festivals and supporting bands like Muse, Newton Faulkner and KT Turnstall. We’re so happy that we were asked to support The Quails for their gig on Feb 25th 2011…thanks guys!
Just for fun this weekend…and a couple of great charities…GirlFriday are also playing a music festival in Devon! Cider, here we come!!!
Don’t forget you can keep up to date with all the gossip by ‘liking’ our FACEBOOK page! We are also looking for Street Team members in Bristol and London. Click here to join the GF STREET TEAM on our MYSPACE page and help yourselves to a free download whilst your there!
We can’t thank you all enough for all your support and keep it up! If every 1 of you tells 2 of your friends about GirlFriday…etc etc!!

Posted on Dec 7, 2010

BBC television, Dublin Castle and new Hi-Hats!

It’s been a fun month or so! We’ve played some really nice gigs in London and the Southwest. We’ve been working really hard for the last 4 weeks on our new Ep…or single (not quite sure yet!) We’ve been gigging the two new tracks ‘Wish List’ and ‘Fuelling The Fire’ and they certainly are attention grabbers, some fantastic feedback from old and new GF fans! Photoshoot and press pack at the ready for the big push for 2011…we’re all very excited!

So…what’s been going on in the GirlFriday camp?

Nick James Gordon has been non stop, editing videos, new tracks and generally being techy. Greg is loving his new career and a ‘bass player’ and is studying hard at bass tech! Blu has bleached her hair blonde! (not for the first time I may add) and Nick Watson finally got his dream hi-hats….easily pleased!

GirlFriday will be playing a little christmas tune LIVE on BBC TV for a Christmas special! More details soon…

Our next gig at the Dublin Castle is going to be EPIC!! Make sure you can come and bring everyone you know! See you on January 8th 2011 @ Dublin Castle – Camden, London.

Posted on Oct 10, 2010

GirlFriday on TV!!

Thought you’d all like to know that we have made our TV Debut on The Wales Show for ITV! (Previous acts include Marina and the Diamonds, Charlotte Church and Goldie Lookin Chain…so we’re in good company!). We had a great morning at Machinerooms Studios in Cardiff being very well looked after by The Wales Show team during the recording of ‘Music’s All Over Me’ live in the Studio. Click here to watch (GF play at about 16mins into the show). Looking forward to playing in Cardiff really soon!
…Also, last nights gig at the Cobden Club was brilliant! GirlFriday got voted the ‘Best Band of the Night’. Thanks peeps ! Blu, NJG, Greg and Nic xxxx

Posted on Sep 20, 2010

Ep2 is out!

Hey all, we are proud to announce that GirlFriday’s second ep ‘Ep2’ is now available at our online shop –

Ep2 features the tracks ‘I’ll try not to offend’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Rooftops’ and ‘Save this Girl’. The special limited edition digi pack consists of the 4 track ep and 2 music videos ( ‘It’s not over’ and ‘Save this Girl’).

Also check out our new music video for ‘Save this Girl’ over at GirlFridayTV

GF x

Posted on Sep 13, 2010

GirlFriday on iTunes!

Hello my lovelies!
Thought we’d let you know that GirlFriday’s first Ep – EP1 is now available to buy at iTunes. Tell your friends! We’d love to see your comments on iTunes as well. Ep2 is close on the heels – release date : 20th September 2010. You can still pre-order the digi pack at our shop. Big thanks for all your support so far!

Onwards and Upwards!! B x

Posted on Aug 7, 2010

ep2 pre-order

We are proud to announce our second ep is out next month, featuring the tracks ‘I’ll try not to offend’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Rooftops’ and ‘Save this Girl’. We are doing a special limited edition digi pack consisting of the 4 track ep, 2 music videos ( on CD ) and a signed photocard for all pre-orders. Each pack will be numbered sequentially, and advance orders will be only £5 each plus P&P.

Visit our pre-order page – – for instructions on how to pre-order the Limited edition CD. You can listen to the full ep over at our online shop and our myspace page.

Posted on Jul 22, 2010

Ep2 Launch 2/08/2010

Join us at THE GIRLFRIDAY EP2 and Music Video LAUNCH PARTY!!

This is it, it’s what we’ve been working on for the last 6 months, it’s more than just an addiction, it’s more exciting than we could have ever imagined…and you’re invited to have a sneak preview. GirlFriday would like to invite you to our EP2 Launch Party. At the party you will be able to meet all four members of the band, preview the new EP and watch our two new music videos on the big screen!

We wanted to have the opportunity to thank all of our fans, family and friends for being so supportive… this is not the end, it’s just the beginning!!

Posted on Jul 14, 2010

GirlFriday in the studio !

Hey peeps, GirlFriday have just begun recording their new 4 track ep, featuring Rooftops, Save This Girl, Maybe and I’ll Try Not to Offend. The ep will be release on Monday 2nd of August.

NickG: We tracked the drums last night with Nick Watson on top form on kit, and at the end of the session we sneaked in some bit and pieces for a new song (We’ll be adding it to our live set very soon…). Once we’ve finished the recording, we’ll release the video we filmed last month for ‘Save This Girl’. Stay tuned! N

Posted on Jun 25, 2010

Machinerooms Studios Summer Party/Photoshoot

I had the most amazing day yesterday. The majority of the day was spent being photographed by Benjamin Borley for his portfolio (see photo). I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Ben will be taking some individual and group shots of GirlFriday aswell in the next week or so.

The evening was spent at Machinerooms Studio in Cardiff. It was their summer party and launch of i-choose-music. Nic Palmer – Studio Manager (and legend) hooked us up with Top Record Producer Paul Durrant. Thankfully he loved our stuff, he especially liked our new music video for ‘It’s Not Over’!

We have been asked to perform live in Cardiff for Paul…consider it done! All in all a great day! B x

Posted on Jun 3, 2010

New video and website :)

The video for Its Not Over is finished and we will be releasing it into the wild ( the web! ) next week. Anyone else for Bristol Next Wednesday night! We’re playing in a great venue by the way – the Tunnels (opposite Temple Meads Station)…and the other bands actually look like they are worth a view too! B x

Update: We’ve got through to the 3rd round, in Bristol again on the 30th of July. N x

Posted on Jun 2, 2010

New webpage!

We’ve had a sort of relaunch this month, with a full live lineup and a whole batch of media on the way. Stay tuned! Revised biography:

GirlFriday are an edgy electro pop band based in the UK. GirlFriday comprise of singer songwriter Blu, co-writer/producer Nick James Gordon, Drummer Nick Watson and Bass player Greg Ireson. Their songwriting encompass a curious mash of artists and genres, absorbing the best of the Eurythmics, Bjork, Skunk Anansie to name a few.

GirlFriday are releasing a collection of eps this year showcasing their diverse song writing style, the first e.p features the tracks ‘Musics all Over Me’, ‘Change’ and ‘If I Could See You Right Now’. To promote the release of the 2nd e.p GirlFriday filmed a music video for ‘Its Not Over’. Experienced live, GirlFriday collide the electronic elements born in the studio augmented with the punchy energy of a captivating stage performance. GirlFriday’s unique blend of ideas, sounds and styles are destined to make an positive impact on the UK music scene.

Posted on May 18, 2010


Just a nice little reminder that you can still purchase our first ep at our online store. 3 tracks at £2.29.

The first e.p features the tracks ‘Musics all Over Me’, ‘Change’ and ‘If I Could See You Right Now’. To promote the release of the first e.p GirlFriday filmed a music video for ‘If I Could See You Right Now’ with Robert Darch, for their EPK

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